My Husband and I are both very keen travelers who love an adventure – hence our recent move to Christchurch, New Zealand.  My Interior design aesthetic and what I offer to my clients is very much influenced by what I have seen, where I have stayed and what I have experienced in different parts of the world.  Having spent a lot of time in hotel rooms over the years, I can tell you that one hotel room is certainly not the same as the next (Ok, excusing the big chain hotels – they really all can be the same level of dullness).

We try to always select accommodation that is either reflective of the Interior style I like, or something totally opposite in order to experience and discover new and exciting spatial details.  I always note details I see in an interior, and hotel rooms are no different.  Some interior designers get to ‘let loose’ ‘ spare no expense’  when it comes to designing these spaces and they incorporate many creative and innovative features that are really noteworthy.

I thought I would start to share in some of the travel we do (from an interior design perspective) and provide insight into what sort of Interior experience you can expect from each establishment.

One of my all time favourite places we’ve stayed has to be Hotel Yountville in the Napa Valley, California.  See my post on Hotel Yountville here.

As we have only recently moved to New Zealand, and just completed a spectacular road trip through Central Otago, I thought I would share the gorgeous BnB we stayed at in Clyde.  Clyde is located around 50 minutes drive from Queenstown, but its so close to some World class wineries (Including Mt. Difficulty and The Wooing Tree), which is why we chose to stay in this area.

Olivers Bed & Breakfast.

The decorating and quality of refurbishment in this establishment is perfection.  It beautifully blends old world charm with modern comfort.  If Ralph Lauren were to design a log cabin in Central Otago, I would expect it to have very similar features.

Olivers bed and breakfast

The Coach suite


Stone wall features


Texture!! Faux fur throw, Persian rug, stone wall and antique entry door bedhead.

Outdoor decorating

Perfect place for Breakfast. These Adirondack chairs make for a relaxed holiday feel.

Accommodation in Clyde

Next door is an equally stunning courtyard with great coffee!

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