Fendalton Project – ‘ Before & After’

Who doesn’t love a ‘Before & after’ post?  Before & afters provide a great insight into what a space looked like in its original state, and what the designer has been able to transform it into.  When I first entered this property, it was compartmentalised and each room had its own function, there was an overload of brick, beautiful albeit dated timber floors, pressed cement ceiling panels and a general feeling of needing to be brought into the current day.

Open plan was a must in this home, as well as injecting life and personality into it.  There was certainly a budget, and this is where we were able to be a little more creative and blend expensive with inexpensive and DIY where we had to, in order to achieve the stunning transformation that we have here.

We also had design ideas that were limited by what was available and what had been done previously here in NZ, and this is where DIY allowed the imagination and creativity to flow freely.

For any further details on this project, or questions on how Erica Fanning Interiors can assist you in designing or decorating your home here in New Zealand, please email or call.

Lounge room

‘Before & After’ Open plan living achieved through the removal of the adjoining wall.

Interior design christchurch


Kitchen to lounge

‘Before & After’ The gas fireplace was relocated to the center of the living are so it would become the focal point of now open plan space, and a gorgeous window seat was built in to conceal the flue outlet

interior design christchurch


Kitchen wall

‘Before & After’ Unfortunately we couldn’t salvage any of the old appliances, so all new ones were purchased. The key to making this kitchen work in an open plan space, was to completely integrate the fridge, and to keep the benchtops clutter free, I designed an appliance cupboard that houses the most important piece in any kitchen – the coffee machine.

interior design queenstown


Kitchen to back of lounge

‘Before & After’

Interior decorating christchurch


Dining area

‘Before & After’ As this is the only dining area in the home, it was important to make sure it felt like a dining space without physically separating it from the kitchen. This built in cabinetry visually divides the space and acts as a stunning display unit and buffet for storage of napkins and serving ware.

kitchen design christchurch


Master bedroom

‘Before & After’ What a change in wall colour and decor can do to a space.

Bedroom ideas


Guest bedroom

‘Before & After’

Guest bedroom design


Outdoor deck

‘Before & After’ Carrying the black timber flooring outside onto the deck creates a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor living.

outdoor entertaining


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